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David Loscos


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Jaume Colomer

Executive Director

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Ernest Rubio

Image Director

Alexandra Bedoya

Alexandra Bedoya

Music Business Management Programmes Director

Ekaterina Bazhanova

Ekaterina Bazhanova

Music Business Mindset Programmes Director

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Eulàlia Ràfols

Executive Programme & BP Director

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Nacho Ruiz

Make It Happen Madrid Director

Erin Corine Johnson - Professional Development Director at IMB School

Erin Corine Johnson

Professional Development Director

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Cecilia Sanz

Student Support & Internships

Polina Porvina - Music Business Innovation Programmes Coordinator

Polina Porvina

IMB Network Manager

Eva Vázquez - Training Advisor & Comms at IMB School

Eva Vázquez

Training Advisor & Comms



IMB School - IMB Festival 2019 - Students Working 4 - Google

IMB School was founded in Barcelona (Spain) at the end of 2015 by David Loscos and Jaume Colomer with the aim of creating the first international school specialising in the music business.

David comes from the world of major record labels and since 2004 has been dedicated to music business training aimed at current and future professionals. Jaume, on the other hand, has been managing international artists and has been providing training in the music business since 2014.

From its inception until 2018, IMB School was a provider of music business training for other universities, schools and organisations in the sector.

In 2018 the Master’s in Music Business Management was launched in Barcelona, an innovative programme that has broken the standards of traditional music business training.

IMB School - IMB Festival 2019 - Habla de Mi en Presente and Crowd

Students gain knowledge from business experts and mentors, but they assimilate it through the management of music projects, the organisation of a festival and the release of a singles compilation in vinyl and digital format, all with real money.

Based on the founding team’s years of experience, we have never seen such a high level of student satisfaction before. But the most satisfying figure is that 72% of our students are working in the industry just 6 months after graduation.

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In June 2020, IMB School training became modular. That is, all programmes are a combination of modules.

A module can be considered as a course that has its own academic guide. And therefore different programmes can share certain modules. 

In October 2020, IMB School launched its online training with two programmes. The Music Business Mindset Specialist Course and the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Business Mindset.

In this case, the format is to learn first the theory autonomously following some fun well structured capsules, and later to consolidate the theory by interacting and discussing any music business topic with your peers and a selection of international experts.

This way, students can deepen their knowledge through interaction and they can deliberate with these experts based on their common interests. This formula also allows students to develop their networking with the speaker. 

Satisfaction with this programme is also outstanding.

In October 2021, IMB School launched the Master’s and Executive Diploma in Music Business Innovation. Both programmes are designed for more senior profiles in which theoretical learning is put into practice by solving real challenges. Currently, the Executive Diploma is only available in corporate solutions.

Leading global companies in the sector propose real challenges they face today and students in teams must propose innovative solutions in a competitive environment.

Despite the level of pressure and confidentiality required of students, student satisfaction is extremely high.

But not only this, the companies are also very satisfied and there have even been disputes between them for the recruitment of our most talented students.

Looking to the future, in October 2022, students will also have the option to study the Make It Happen module (included in all Music Business Management master’s) in Madrid.

IMB School Madrid - Oficinas Sony Music Spain - Auditorio

These are some of our key figures to conclude: 

  • At IMB School we offer 7 recommended programmes; 4 are 100% online and in English (Music Business Mindset and Music Business Innovation), and 3 (Music Business Management) are in person and partially in Spanish. 
  • Students from 33 different nationalities have studied with us so far.
  • More than 70 leading experts are involved in our training each year. 
  • We have more than 90 internship agreements signed with organisations in the sector. 

All our training is approached from an international perspective, so that regardless of the country of origin of our students, they can later develop their professional careers anywhere in the world. 

And… we are still growing, so imagine what is yet to come!


The only training project created with and for the music sector.

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