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Cecilia is responsible for Student Support and Internships, and is an expert in East Asia specialising in music and subculture.

Her relationship with music began when she picked up a cello for the first time at the age of 4, and it has been a part of her life ever since.

Although she received classical training at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Valencia, her dream was not to become a performer, and her passion for Japanese culture led her to graduate in East Asian Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since then, she has chaired and participated in various associations for the promotion of Japanese music in Spain, carrying out dissemination actions, as well as acting on different occasions as a booker, producer, promoter and tour manager for different artists and events.

In 2018 she decided to professionalise this vocation by taking the Master’s Degree in Music Business Management at IMB School, and took charge of the artistic production of the first edition of the IMB Festival.

After graduating, she began collaborating with the Barcelona-based concert production company Producciones Barbudas to develop and manage a parallel brand dedicated to her work with Asian artists.

Since 2021, Cecilia has been in charge of student relations and the coordination and supervision of the admissions process.