Do you want to learn about organising concerts and/or music festivals?

The live music business is a fast-changing business that requires a great diversity of talent in the field of concert and festival management and organisation. It concentrates many roles that assume fundamental functions for the success of any music event, covering areas such as conceptualisation, management, administration, production, logistics, artist booking, ticket sales, communication and sponsorship, and new business channels.

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If you want to specialise in the management and organisation of all types of music events, we recommend the Master’s in Music Business Management, which includes the following modules: Advanced Principles, Legal Aspects, Make It Happen, Professional Development and Internships. However, if you do not speak Spanish, then we would recommend you the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Business Mindset, which includes the following modules: Advanced Principles, Legal Aspects, Know-How, Professional Development and Internships.

Advanced Principles

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This is the first module that we recommend in which you will learn all the ways in which business can be generated and you will understand all the figures (roles and organisations) that exist in the music industry, the music sector and the music universe. You will also understand how they interrelate with one another.

Legal Aspects

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

For the signing and sale of any concert, contracts must be signed. It is true that these contracts are usually drafted by lawyers, but in any of these positions the negotiator of these contracts will be you. And the content of the clauses will be decided by you. Therefore, it is key to understand how they work. In other words, if you also want to have financial control of the concert, you will have to know how much you can pay and what you can ask for in return.

Make It Happen

(45 ECTS | Learning by Doing in Person in Barcelona or Madrid)

This module is very relevant as we will teach you how to organise a music event and you will organise together with your peers a festival with real budgets. In addition, you will get three points of view on the festival. The vision of how the artist has lived it from the beginning (because you will also be working with them), the vision of how the public sees it (because from IMB we will invite the teaching staff to evaluate the process and the experience) and the vision from the promoter’s point of view (which will be you together with the rest of your peers). In this Festival all the winning artists of the IMB Artist Talent Programme will have to play live, but also professional networking activities and talks will have to be organised, and at the same time tickets will have to be sold and sponsors will have to be found in order to make the Festival profitable. A challenge in every sense of the word. Within the festival you will have a main function, but this does not mean that you cannot get involved in other tasks in other departments to help your peers and learn from a broader point of view as well.

Professional Development

(5 ECTS | Learning by Doing Online)

If you have done the Make It Happen module, you will have this module included for free as well. We will help you to better focus on your professional goals and the strategy to achieve them.

This is our recommendation, but at IMB School there are many other programmes that can meet your exact training needs in the music business.

The important thing is that you can choose a training that is really useful and feasible for you, and that allows you to get closer to your professional goals in the best possible way.

If you wish, you can make your own combinations of modules. Contact us so that we can advise you.



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