Eulàlia Ràfols - Executive Programme & BP Director en IMB International Music Business School

Eulàlia Ràfols is the Executive Programme & BP Director at IMB International Music Business School. She also works as a freelance consultant for artists within the industry and as a professional mediator. Her professional pathway is the result of her combining her three major passions: Music, Education and Psychology.

Since she joined the global digital distributor The Orchard in 2010, she has carried out a variety of roles in fields such as Label & Artist Management, Artist Development and Content Acquisition, amongst others. Eulàlia was appointed Co-Director of Spain and Portugal at The Orchard in 2017, a position she held until 2022. Along her career path she has had the opportunity to work with many artists, management companies and record labels of all types, in helping them to develop their respective professional and artistic projects both locally and internationally. As a result she has extensive knowledge and insight into a highly complex and dynamic sector, along with an in-depth understanding of the technologies that play part in its progress.

As an educator she has lectured in different formative programmes related to music business, such as Universitat Pompeu Fabra, SAE, Fundación Paideia, Escola de Música Avançada i So or Cases de la Música, among others.

As a mediator Eulàlia has coached in different mediator training programmes, and is currently developing a conflict management project within the music industry.