Are you or would you like to become an Independent Artist and/or DIY Artist?

First of all, it is important to differentiate between an Independent Artist and a Do It Yourself Artist. While the independent artist is distinguished by the fact that they own the rights derived from their creativity (i.e. compositions and recordings), the DIY artist is characterised by the fact that they manage the tasks related to their own artistic and economic development.

In other words, the independent artist is independent to the extent that they own their work, so it is they alone who decide to whom to assign the exploitation rights and under what conditions. Whereas the DIY artist is a specific category of independent artist who, in addition to having ownership, takes control of the exploitation of their own work.

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If you are or would like to be an independent artist and at the same time take the reins of your own career, the most complete programme is the 60 ECTS Master’s in Music Business Management. There is nothing better to learn how to manage your own career than to practice managing the careers of others, and this programme will give you that. The Master’s includes the following modules: Advanced Principles, Legal Aspects, Make It Happen, Professional Development and Internships.

However, if you do not speak Spanish, then we would recommend you the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Business Mindset that includes: Advanced Principles, Legal Aspects, Know-How, Professional Development and Internships.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be an independent artist and only want to understand what is happening in your career and how the different professionals you will meet and delegate certain tasks to think, we recommend the Specialist Course in Music Business Mindset (which includes the Advanced Principles and Know-How module) with the Legal Aspects module added.

If you just want to know how this business works and your rights, we recommend the Advanced Principles and Legal Aspects modules.

Here is what you can get out of each module:

Advanced Principles 

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This is an essential first module where you will learn all the ways in which business can be generated around your music and your brand. You will understand all the figures (roles and organisations) that exist in the music industry, the music sector and the music universe. You will also understand how they interrelate with one another.

Legal Aspects

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This module is especially important for you, as you will need to have everything in order on a legal level from the very beginning, especially if you do not have external advice or anyone to represent you in the industry. As you can imagine, there are not only contracts or agreements to sign with publishers, record labels and/or promoters, but also musicians’ contracts, artistic producers, recording studios, co-writing agreements, contracts with digital distributors, and so on. In other words, other types of contracts that will surely come in handy sooner or later.


(15 ECTS | Learning by Doing Online)

This module is key for you to get to know first-hand how the professionals in the music sector, with whom, sooner or later, you will have to interact, think and work nowadays. In many cases, what you will want to know is how to approach the music sector to get them to book your show (for example), or to know what to expect from them if they approach you one day. Knowing how these figures work and think internally can give you a broader view of the pros and cons of signing with other companies, and therefore help you make better decisions based on what you really want. At the same time it will help you get rid of any prejudices or consolidate the opinion you already have. Ask them the key questions that will help you understand what you are most concerned about and let them explain what they can do for you. Explain what your concerns are based on. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Make It Happen

(45 ECTS | Learning by Doing / In Person in Barcelona or Madrid)

Sometimes it is easier to make decisions or give advice when it is for someone else, rather than when you have to decide for yourself. Seeing things from the outside can give you perspective and make things clearer about how to manage your own artistic career. For this reason, in this module you will be able to work with real budgets in order to promote, together with your peers, the growth of other artistic projects located in Barcelona. Everything you learn and the experience you gain from managing others, you will later be able to replicate in your own artistic project. In order to access this module you must have passed the Advanced Principles and Legal Aspects module.

Professional Development

(5 ECTS | Learning by Doing Online)

Making a living as an artist is difficult. That is why you need to be very clear about what you want to do, because it is a big gamble. In Professional Development you can discover your strengths and make sure that the decision you have made is the right one for you. We will also give you tips on how to be a good career manager.

If, after reading this, you would like to do all these modules, your ideal programme is the Master’s Plus in Music Business Management, but bear in mind that you will need 2 years to complete it. 

This is our recommendation, but at IMB School there are many other programmes that can meet your exact training needs in the music business.

The important thing is that you can choose a training that is really useful and feasible for you, and that allows you to get closer to your professional goals in the best possible way. 

If you wish, you can make your own combinations of modules. Contact us so that we can advise you.



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