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Do you want to learn music marketing and promotion?

Marketing and communication are at the heart of the music business, and marketing in the music industry today is indispensable. The viability of any music project (be it an emerging artist’s video or a macro festival) necessarily depends on reaching an optimal level of awareness among the target audience and connecting with them.

Marketing and promotion are interconnected areas that have different functions. While promotion is based on generating visibility among the target audience, music marketing strategies have a more global mission in order to connect propositions and brands with their consumers and to monetise value exchange relationships.  

In other words, according to classical marketing theory, we would find the 4 Ps, Product (definition of the product and its packaging), Price (definition of the price and discounts), Promotion (or Communication. This would be defined as the diffusion or announcements about the product in its owned, paid or earned media) and Place (distribution strategy). 

In an evolution to traditional marketing, we can find the 4 Cs which are Consumer, Cost, Convenience and Communication. The difference between the 4 Ps and the 4 Cs is the perspective. The 4 Cs put the focus on the final consumer in order to define the strategy. Whereas the 4 Ps look from the inside out in order to define the strategy. 

Marketing direction is, together with artistic management, one of the two main pillars in the music industry. Marketing in music usually has two equally important legs, one is the definition of the strategy and the other is the execution of the strategy. While the definition is a function that is difficult to outsource, the execution makes it possible to involve external figures in the project, especially in terms of distribution and communication.

Beyond the roles that are integrated in the marketing departments of record companies (product manager, brand manager, label manager and marketing director), in this business there are many figures who are dedicated to music marketing or who make decisions related to marketing. From the artist themselves, to the personal manager in the early days, as well as the marketing departments of a publisher or music promoter. As well as a freelance PR or digital marketing expert or community manager for musicians. All of them can contribute to the music marketing umbrella.

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Looking for a music marketing course?

The best programme we have in which you will be able to define music marketing strategies and put them into practice is the Master’s in Music Business Management, which is 60 ECTS and includes the following modules: Advanced Principles, Legal Aspects, Make It Happen, Professional Development and Internships. 

However, if you do not speak Spanish, then we would recommend you the Postgraduate Diploma in Music Business Mindset, which includes the following modules: Advanced Principles, Legal Aspects, Know-How, Professional Development and Internships.

Advanced Principles

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This is the first module that we recommend in which you will learn all the ways in which business can be generated, where there is a strong marketing base in what is the creation of the product, the points of sale and the most used promotion strategies. But you will also understand all the figures (roles and organisations) that exist in the music industry, the music sector and the music universe. You will also understand how they interrelate with one another.

Make It Happen

(45 ECTS | Learning by Doing / In Person in Barcelona or Madrid)

In this module you will be able to put into practice the marketing and promotion strategy of an artist with real budgets, as well as the creation of audiovisual content that will be key materials for the launch and promotion for the final implementation of the music marketing strategy created. Finally, you will also be able to form part of the corresponding communication and marketing department within the IMB Festival or Label.

Professional Development

(5 ECTS | Learning by Doing Online)

In this module, we will help you to better focus your professional goals and the strategy to achieve them.


(0 ECTS | Learning By Doing)

Take the opportunity to do an internship related to music marketing in a company in the sector.

Legal Aspects

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This module may not seem essential to successfully perform marketing functions, but beyond the fact that it is included free of charge in the Make it Happen module, it will help you understand the distribution of responsibilities and the scope of the commitments assumed by each of the parties in the marketing and communication actions.

For those who seek to design and implement promotion and marketing strategies in the music industry.

This is our recommendation, but at IMB School there are many other programmes that can meet your exact training needs in the music business.

The important thing is that you can choose a training that is really useful and feasible for you, and that allows you to get closer to your professional goals in the best possible way.

If you wish, you can make your own combinations of modules. Contact us so that we can advise you.



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