Polina Porvina - Music Business Innovation Programmes Coordinator

Polina grew up in a family of musicians and has been surrounded by music since childhood. However, only while getting a degree in Media Studies in Moscow did she realise her desire to build a career in the music business. After being involved in the production of several projects for the beauty and fashion industry, Polina changed her path and joined Music Development Russia. First, as a PR manager, she developed artists’ brands and built promo strategies for releases and events of the agency. After several years she took the position of a label manager, responsible for the artists’ releases starting with licensing and delivering the release and ending with the coordination of digital campaigns. She has worked with Russian artists such as Sirotkin, On-The-Go, KlouKoma, Naadia and Erika Lundmoen, among others.

Polina is passionate not only about the music business, but also the academic research of the global industry and its interaction with local cultural clusters, in particular, the variety of forms that collaboration of the government and the private sector can take, and the formation of competitive advantages, where innovations and technologies play a significant role. In 2021, she moved to Milan to get a master’s degree in social sciences and global studies and to continue her research. 

In 2022, Polina joined the IMB School team to manage the IMB Network.