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Anyone who assumes positions of responsibility in the music business must have a very broad vision of the entire business and the ability to lead projects, teams and organisations with an eye on both the present and the future. They are people who, thanks to their knowledge, experience and skills, have developed their own criteria for action that allows them to handle themselves with confidence in situations of change and uncertainty. They are people with initiative, who are not afraid to make decisions, and who, rather than waiting for the future to arrive, go looking for it.

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If you feel that this is your field, we recommend that you opt for our most complete programme, the 110 ECTS Advanced Master’s in Music Business Management and Entrepreneurship, which can be taken over 2 years full time and includes all the existing modules at IMB School.

Advanced Principles

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This is the first module that we recommend in which you will learn all the ways in which business can be generated and you will understand all the figures (roles and organisations) that exist in the music industry, the music sector and the music universe. You will also understand how they interrelate with one another.


(15 ECTS | Learning by Doing Online)

This module is key for you to get to know first-hand how professionals in the music sector think and work today. Ask them how they have reached these positions of responsibility, what their path to success has been. Ask them to give you recommendations so that you can get there one day too. Ask them what technologies they are most concerned about or believe will most influence the business. If they think there are any technologies that may exist that may force you to reinvent your current position. Seize the opportunity and learn from senior management.

Legal Aspects

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This module is very important because managers are often ultimately responsible for the contracts that are signed. It is true that in many cases they will be supported by their teams of lawyers, but this does not detract from the fact that they must always know what is being signed. They must therefore be able to understand this language.

Historical Analysis

(5 ECTS | Active Online Learning)

This module is key to understanding the extent to which technology has an influence on the evolution of the industry and music genres. It will also show the good and bad decisions made by those who have led the music industry up to the present day. Much can be learnt from the past in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the present and the future.

Make It Happen

(45 ECTS | Learning by Doing In Person in Barcelona or Madrid)

This module is essential to experience first-hand what it is like to lead and develop an artist. To evaluate the keys to their success and learn first-hand. It is also key to understanding everything that goes into the organisation and management of a festival or record label. One of the biggest mistakes made by today’s managers is to lead from the “ivory tower”, without knowing what it really means to be on the front line. For this reason, before putting someone in a position of responsibility, large companies make sure that this person has gone through all the departments and has even performed frontline tasks, from managing the access to an event, to the signage, to even being an assistant to an artist, etc. The more complex the systems are, the more difficult it is to predict the effects and consequences that a management decision may have on the different stakeholders. However, the more different tasks a manager has performed in their past experience, however simple and basic they may seem, the more understanding and depth they will have of how things really work, and therefore the better they will know how a decision will affect all parties and departments. This module is a great opportunity for this.

Professional Development

(5 ECTS | Learning by Doing Online)

If you have done the Make It Happen and/or the Challenges module, you will have this module included for free as well. In this module we will help you to better focus on your professional goals and the strategy to achieve them.

Este This is our recommendation, but at IMB School there are many other programmes that can meet your exact training needs in the music business.

The important thing is that you can choose a training that is really useful and feasible for you, and that allows you to get closer to your professional goals in the best possible way.

If you wish, you can make your own combinations of modules. Contact us so that we can advise you.



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