IMB School - IMB Artist Talent - Single Presentation
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Because you are looking for a specialised school.

IMB School is the first business school dedicated exclusively to training in the music business. Not only do we train students who want to enter the industry, but we also train professionals who are currently in the industry. Our founding team has been providing this type of training for more than 20 years. 

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Because you are looking for a training model that is valid for your professional life.

At IMB School, our aim is to professionalise our students so that they can find a place within this sector. However, in the case you end up somewhere else, you can be sure that our training will also prepare you to become a great professional in any other sector. For this reason, we promote the acquisition of those transversal skills that are most in demand, both inside and outside the music sector, such as the ability to solve problems, adapty to change and manage individual and collective projects under pressure.

IMB School - IMB Festival 2019 - Students Working 2
IMB School - Master in Music Business Management - Student Workshop
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Because you want to learn practical things.

All IMB School programmes are designed so that the theory can be learnt independently online and the bulk of the programmes are designed to deepen or put this knowledge into practice through workshops, debates, real projects, solving challenges, etc. We do not want you to learn the theory by memorising it, we want you to internalise it and know how to use it to make decisions and move in real life. 

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Because you want to learn from reality.

At IMB School you will learn with experts who are at the forefront of the sector. The projects and challenges you will develop are 100% real, they are not theories and writings that end up in a drawer at the end of the course. What you do at IMB School will have a real impact. 

IMB Festival 2022 - Students Making Of - Backstage Sala Apolo
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Because you want to build your network.

All IMB School programmes give access to the IMB Network, an online network that will connect music business professionals worldwide, where they will discuss current issues, have access to international databases and job opportunities.

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Because you want to understand the global business, not just the industry.

On the one hand, we consider that the music business goes beyond the industry. You can generate business through music and not be part of the industry (musical tourism for example). On the other hand, the music business is global, not local. For this reason, at IMB School we teach from an international perspective so that your professional field can go beyond any territory. 

IMB School - Master in Music Business Management - Student Working
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Because you want training endorsed by the sector itself.

Our training is designed by and for the sector. The Academic Board at IMB School comes from the music sector, and the design of our programmes is based on the employment needs of the sector. For this reason, we are endorsed by companies such as YouTube Music, Sony Music and Primavera Sound. And for this reason, we have signed internship agreements with more than 90 organisations in the sector.

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Because you want training tailored to your needs.

Our training is modular. This means that if none of our recommended programmes suit you, we can customise a programme by combining different modules to suit your needs. Or you can study a recommended programme but following different timelines than those indicated. For example, you can choose to study some modules one year, and other modules the following year.

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